‘Midsummer Skin’ with its path breaking products are changing the way of the skincare industry.

Ericka Dichy’s life changing innovations have resulted in the most exhaustive skincare solutions.

When it comes to skincare, the need to get hold of the right products which give optimum results is essential. Ericka Dichy realizing the importance of this decided to work upon and bring out skincare products which were created to suits individual dermatological peculiarities giving birth to her brand ‘Midsummer Skin’, which is a neurocosmetic skincare company developing products fuelled by natural compositions which are harmless to the skin. Their innovative product line is developed with non-toxic formulas consisting of bioactive phytonutrients, botanical stem cells, and carefully curated active ingredients that provide a shield against the aging process by providing a natural and balanced support which is dermatologically approved and excels in its neuro- aging technology.

“Midsummer Skin products are designed to stimulate the skin’s sensory receptors which improve their ability to transmit information to the brain, resulting in cell regeneration, the activation of this process regenerates skin at the cellular levels, encouraging a healthy cell turnover which impacts the overall condition of the skin,” says Ericka who claims that using the products on a regular basis will enhance the appearance of your skin, promoting a balanced aging process. She has a team of experienced dermatologists and pharmaceutical scientists who are well versed with the entire process of promoting healthy skincare solutions. The entire product range is designed to give outstanding results which include eliminating scars left by injuries, slow the anti-aging process, protect the skin from environmental damage and much more. The products are researched and developed in a fully accredited FDA cGMP certified facility by an experienced team of professionals before making its way into the markets.

Midsummer Skin Products

The idea of starting this brand culminated in Ericka’s mind long back when she has an accidental injury resulting in multiple scars, which made her think of developing products which would eliminate grave issues associated with the skin. In a bid to heal her own self, she gradually thought of developing her own brand, and that’s how ‘Midsummer Skin’ was born. Her sole mission was to bring out skin care products which not only enhance the outer beauty of the skin but also help in the recovery of tissue and nerve injuries, and work upon eliminating scars, in which she succeeded to a large extent with the success of her product line which has been proven for giving optimum results in a natural way.

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Written by Sonam Singh

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