Priyanka Chopra laments the passing of her co-star in the television series Quantico, Anne Heche

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anne heche | Priyanka Chopra

In a tragic turn of events, actress Anne Heche passed unexpectedly on Friday, just days after an accident she was involved in. Online tributes to Anne were posted by fans and actors including Priyanka Chopra. Anne’s automobile crashed into a Los Angeles home last week, completely destroying it and leaving Anne with life-threatening injuries.

On her Instagram Stories, Priyanka Chopra sent a tribute for Anne that read: “The children, family, and friends of Anne Heche, as well as everyone else who is suffering from their loss, are in my prayers. It’s been an honour getting to know and work with you. In addition to being a great performer, you were a total sweetheart. For the rest of my life, I’ll think about you often.” The 2015 television series Quantico was co-created by Priyanka and Anne Heche.

Condolences from Priyanka Chopra, who was a close friend of the late actor Anne Heche.
Filmmaker Ted Geoghegan tweeted an old photo of Anne and her ex-girlfriend Ellen DeGeneres, writing, “Kids nowadays don’t remember what it was like, but I distinctly recall when Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres came out about their relationship back in 1997.” I vividly remember being in awe and thinking, “This may really help people.” Anne, I admire your courage in making that move. ‘May her soul rest in peace,’ one mourning fan tweeted. Another individual said, “I hope her children are okay, they are too tiny.”

To honour Anne Heche, Ted Geoghegan has released a throwback photo of her with Ellen DeGeneres. Friday afternoon, Anne’s family released a statement saying she had passed away. According to People, it said, “Today we lost a bright light, a wonderful and most joyful person, a loving mother and a trustworthy friend.” Anne is irrevocably lost to the world, but her impact will live on via her beloved sons, her enduring canon, and her passionate advocacy. With unwavering honesty, she spread her message of unconditional love and acceptance, which will have far-reaching consequences.

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