WWE: Seth Rollins DISCLAIMS that Roux, his daughter with Becky Lynch, is what motivates him to play it “safe” in the ring.

Seth Rollins

Seth “Freakin” Rollins takes his job as a father very seriously. In an interview with Metro UK, The Visionary talked about how his 1-year-old daughter Rou makes him want to keep things “safe” in the WWE ring. Seth Rollins and wrestler Becky Lynch, who got married on June 29, 2021, had a daughter on December 4, 2020. They named her Roux Lopez.

Seth Rollins said that becoming a father had changed his outlook as a WWE performer and how he acts in the ring. “It is one of those things that really gets me going. You should try harder to make the child proud and make as much money as you can so you can take care of them.” Seth said that Roux has been “very inspiring” in this way, but she has also made him think about things in a safer way.

Since a wrestler’s body is severely damaged by their time in the ring, Rollins wants to be able to keep up with his and Becky Lynch’s daughter while experiencing significantly less pain from his job: “Now that she’s two, she runs around like crazy and jumps up and down a lot, so I have to follow her. I hope that we can do those things together. You do start to think about going easy in the ring when you can so that you don’t hurt as much when you’re not fighting.”

That father sure seems to care!

In the UK, Seth Rollins and Riddle will fight at Clash at the Castle on September 3.

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