A rare Mercedes-Benz limousine is being sold for Rs. 20 crore.

A rare Mercedes-Benz limousine is being sold for Rs. 20 crore.

Key sentence:

  • The Mercedes-Benz W100 Pullman 600 limousine debuted at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show.
  • The interior of the limousine is designed in the style of a modern Mercedes-Benz Maybach.

A Mercedes Benz W100 Pullman 600 limousine that addressed the encapsulation of extravagance during the 60s and the 70s is curravailable available to be purchased in Europe. This series was formally uncovered at the 1963 Frankfurt Motor Show. 

This limousine by Mercedes Benz was made in 1975 for a client from Lebanon. With a metallic anthracite dim outside and cowhide inside, this Mercedes Benz W100 Pullman 600 is ready to move in Europe from Mechatronik at the cost of €2.3 million, roughly ₹20 crores. 

The vehicle has been reestablished to its production line condition. Mercedes-Benz Classic procured the limousine in 2007 in Malaga. Following this, the organization began long and definite reclamation work on it. 

According to a report, in line with a client, the vehicle was dismantled to its absolute minimum, and the work on the body was begun. It was revamped and was repainted by Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart. In addition, the limousine’s frame was remade, and significant segments like the motor and gearbox were likewise modified. 

The inside of the Mercedes Benz W100 Pullman 600 takes after the advanced Maybach series. The inside has been updated, remembering the vehicle’s noteworthy components with a dash of innovation. 

The seats have been planned dependent on the advanced Mercedes Maybach seats. These can be changed powerfully. The back seats have the first versatile cooler. The collapsing table and champagne compartment have been held. 

It’s anything but a glass rooftop and cutting-edge highlights, for example, an infotainment framework with a touchscreen. Likewise, it’s anything but a parcel board that can isolate the driver and the back seats. 

Also, this should be possible with a dash of a catch. The cooling framework has been modified for better cooling. The limousine has also got front and back cameras, enabling the client to move the vehicle without any problem.

Written by Andrew Jones

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