In the latest PUBG Mobile, you’ll now find a Tesla.

In the latest PUBG Mobile, you'll now find a Tesla.

Key sentence:

  • Tesla products have been added into PUBG’s new 1.5 updates.
  • Players will have access to the Tesla Gigafactory and will be able to construct a Tesla Model Y electric vehicle. Tesla Semis will also appear as a self-driving vehicle on the map.

Electric vehicle monster Tesla and PUBG Mobile have collaborated to coordinate the EV producer’s items in the mainstream computer game. 

PUBG Mobile, as of late, delivered its 1.5 updates and reported its association with the EV producer, focusing on that Tesla’s items have been remembered for the game. 

The refreshed PUBG portable game will flaunt a Tesla Gigafactory, Tesla Model Y EV and its self-ruling driving component just as Tesla Semi self-driving vehicles. 

The gamers can get to the Tesla production line on the guide and initiate every one of the switches in the sequential construction system of the industrial facility to fabricate a Tesla Model Y vehicle. 

The autopilot mode in the electric vehicle would then be actuated on the interstates, taking the player consequently to the area of pre-set markers along the thruway. 

The Tesla Semi self-driving vehicles will show up arbitrarily on the wild streets and drive naturally on explicit courses. The players can acquire fight supplies from the Semis by perpetrating harm on them and making them drop supply containers. 

Tesla has been porting computer games in its electric vehicles for a couple of years at this point. The EV creator has likewise been building Tesla Arcade, a computer game stage, inside its vehicles, and has been working with computer game studios to work with EV proprietors with their portion of diversion. 

Tesla boss Elon Musk has shown that amusement will assume a significant part when vehicles will drive themselves. 

Be that as it may, presently, the tables have turned. Tesla itself is a piece of computer game. Be that as it may, Tesla has prior too had a comparative joining with the Game of Peace – the Chinese form of the PUBG Mobile game. Curiously, Tencent Games that possesses PUBG, is likewise a significant investor in Tesla.

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