The dispute between TikTok star Charli D’Amelio and Fame By Sheeraz has become the talk of the town.

Both of them are in a tussle over an endorsement video for “Fame By Sheeraz Masterclass.”

There are so many things that keep surfacing the net every day. A few of which go ahead in garnering more headlines for the amount of gossip and fire it has, ultimately becoming the talk of the town. From celebrities, scandals, rumours and the like to many cases of beefing with someone or getting into a legal tussle, all of this has what people loved reading about over the years. The media and the entertainment space are such that keeps providing us with some hot news and topics always. Recently, the hot topic that people all over the US are talking about is the disagreement between a TikTok star and a media maven. Charli D’Amelio, who is a renowned social media personality, got into a disagreement with Fame By Sheeraz, a well-known marketing agency across the US.

Many prominent portals in the country had posted about this disagreement on which many people are giving out their opinions already. Sheeraz Hasan’s “Fame By Sheeraz” claims that they can make anyone famous with their Fame by Sheeraz Masterclass. On the other hand, Charli D’Amelio is a famous American social media personality who recently got featured in one of the endorsement videos of “Fame By Sheeraz Masterclass.”

Let us tell you what has really happened between the two. After getting in the video, Charli D’Amelio’s lawyers are now making a fuss about the same and demanding her part to be removed from the video. In fact, Charli’s legal team also fired off a legal letter to Sheeraz demanding the same. In the video, Charli can be seen looking into the camera and waving as she says, “Hi Fame By Sheeraz.”

The letter by her legal team says that her inclusion in the said video “is not approved and will not be approved”. But, on the other hand, Sheeraz is determined and replies, saying that they control the paparazzi and media that promotes her and gives her fame, which is why she had endorsed Fame By Sheeraz.

Written by Andrew Jones

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