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Amanda Lavery’s all natural brand ‘Coca Bee’ makes a big splash in fashion week.

The world is moving towards using natural products, and she has taken the right path by establishing her unique organic product range.

The entrepreneurial sphere has seen many brilliant minds who have done extraordinarily well in their respective fields, exceeding their own expectations in many ways. In a space which is dominated by men, a few enterprising women have shown their prowess and even raced ahead of their male counterparts to make their own mark. We have one such modern age woman who has trodden the toughest path and emerged well in her career, she is Amanda Lavery, the dynamic womanpreneur who owns the now famous brand ‘Coca Bee’, known for its all natural products which are sourced from organic roots. The brand has already made an impact with its wide range of products, which have taken over its competitors in a big way. Amanda says the idea behind establishing this brand was to boost the confidence of new age women and help them race ahead by creating their own identity and hold the reins of their lives in the right way by radiating beauty that comes in from using all natural personal care products.

Amanda says that her entire product range is created keeping various health aspects in mind, and that’s the reason ‘Coca Bee’ has been receiving rave reviews from those who have used it. It’s manufactured with utmost care to see that none of unnatural substances or chemicals are used during its making process. The company has set up its base in Ottawa, Canada, and is aiming at doubling up its production by expanding its territories owing to the tremendous response it has received till date. Amanda says that her brand was not a planned affair but was created when the idea germinated in her mind once when she was not able to find the right product, an all natural organic lip balm to be precise, anywhere in stores. That made her think of coming out with her own product range which would help people like her who are more inclined towards using natural products. She proudly states that the entire manufacturing procedure involves using raw materials brought in from natural sources like coconut oil, honey, and beeswax and many other ingredients which are completely organic. Furthermore, even the packing containers are made from natural and renewable bamboo.

“We have tried to incorporate an eco-friendly touch in every aspect related to Coca Bee, and that even includes the packaging,” says Amanda, whose participation in the ‘Start-up Fashion Week’ held on July 14th 2021, during Toronto Fashion Week, got her brand known on a huge platform.

To know more, visit or follow their Instagram: @cocabeeinc.

Written by Manish Singh

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