World famous luxurious Fashion house Gucci has recently been trolled by the Asian for their recent collection which is indian wear Kaftan.

As we all know Gucci is a well known luxurious brand which comes from Florence,Italy. It caters to affluent fashion people. It has a wide range of products from handbags to clothes, make-up to footwear and fragrance to accessories. Gucci collection always inspired from different cultures from across global and its recent collection has striking resemblance to indian wear which is kurta(kaftan) the detail of product is- it crafted from organic linen, this kaftan is unreached with a floral embroidery and self-tile tassels.the price of kaftan is $3,500 which is 2.5 lakh in india. That floral embroidery organic linen kaftan has a tassel on the neck offwhite in color. According to indian people the range is very expensive and the most interesting thing is that Gucci is offering EMI for the Kaftan. In India many brands offer the same kurta for 500-1500 bucks.

I can get this for Rs300 or Rs500 written by a deshi twitter user. The brand is creating buzz in Asian market because of their price. This is not only kaftan which is expensive. There’s many more kaftans.

Which has various colors,length and patterns. Some are made of silk or some are made of linen. The starting price of kaftans is $1300 to $4200 which is a very high range and the designs of kaftans are very simple. This is not the first time Gucci has tried to copy asian tradition.

However , this is not the first time an international brand tried to sell South Asian garments at high ranges. Many other brands have also done so. Like Zara created huge controversy after it started selling womens skirts that reminded everyone of lungi in India.

Written by Sonam Singh

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