Justin Haynes: International Fashion and Lifestyle Icon

Justin Haynes puts the “style” in lifestyle!  Widely known and respected in international fashion, this designer and tailor “brings fashion to everyday life” as seen on every magazine cover and runway where his creations grace.  Founder of the intensely innovative JUS10H brand, his out-of-the-box perspectives on fashion and style transform unexpected elements into “modern vintage”, must-see, show-stopping looks for men, women, and children around the world.  

As a lifestyle, Haynes believes fashion isn’t just what you choose to put on your body, it’s the confident mindset that says “I wear what I want” and I will be stylish in it.  This mindset, coupled with his vibrant personality is what makes Justin a fashion AND lifestyle icon, and continues to make him the ideal fashion recap expert on the red carpet.  His retro-chic designs are seen on artists and celebrities at award shows and are regularly featured in Paris, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York Fashion Weeks. 

According to Justin, “the world is a rainbow”, and he creatively uses nature’s color palette in his signature elegant patchwork.  This mindset also colors his approach to his personal sense of comfort and original sense of style.  He shares, “Middle school is where I discovered fashion, but high school is where I found my style.”  Today, he shares this approach as a mentor and international fashion coach, influencing designers in Singapore, Ukraine, London, Argentina, India, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Haynes is growing his international audience with the innovative media partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) RUNWAY 360 digital platform.  His list of honors continues to grow as well.  He placed on USA Today’s “Top Entrepreneur List”, Google News “Best Custom Tailors List”, United Kingdom’s “Top 20 Custom Tailors List”, and Yahoo Finance’s “Top Business Leader” list. 

Written by Sonam Singh

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