Proving her prowess as a true-blue professional in the world of car influencing is Nadia Khar. 

Exuding sheer brilliance, talent, and passion is an ace professional in the car modelling world, Nadia Khar aka “GTR QUEEN”.

Glance at the tremendous success journey of a renowned car model Nadia Khar. The young girl has contributed largely in the industry with her pro-found knowledge, experience and expertise. The self-made girl started her career journey at very young age and today she is on the top of car modelling sector. Her presence is always there at all the big car shows across the globe. A popular show name SEMA is also attended by Nadia each year. Her Nissan GTR build is extremely well known and she’s received the nickname “GTR QUEEN” “NADIASKHAR.” It’s been 5 years she has been in car modelling and has explored it utmost with her sheer talent and skilled work which is acknowledged by the industry, her massive fans and millions of people. 

She sells her own merchandise on her Instagram @nadiaskhar and her website Working with massive car brands like – many Nissan GTR’s, viper ACR’s, 4×4 gwagon, Murcielago, Aventador SVj, Hennessy or Calvo Racing builds, SLS, Koenigsegg, Gt2 RS, RR wraith. Those are Nadia Khar’s dream builds. Her success and popularity arerising each day. The car model is having more than 1M followers on Instagram. Her success tags do not end here. She has been into car import world from long time and gaining sound success. The passionate car girl also loves to ride bike and post her videos which is much liked by her fans and followers. She does supercar modeling, jdm, and even street bikes. 

The Pakistani and Italian model was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has spent her life in Pakistan and Las Vegas. Today Nadia Khar is a prominent personality of car modelling realm and she is highly enthusiastic for her work and has set an aura of her performance in this sector. 

For more info do follow him on Instagram @nadiaskhar.

Written by Sonam Singh

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