Amber Heard takes a step back in the courtroom as Johnny Depp smiles.

Johnny Depp
Amber Heard takes a step back in the courtroom as Johnny Depp smiles.

The actress Amber Heard and her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp, who are now embroiled in a legal dispute, came face to face inside the building yesterday. According to a video that has been published on YouTube, Amber Heard can be seen in the witness box next to Johnny Depp. Amber is seen stepping out of the witness box as the judge announces the court’s adjournment.

As with the other passengers, Johnny was spotted getting out of his seat and walking towards the exit. Amber appeared to be taken aback and afraid when he approached her. The actor took a step back as he exhaled loudly. In the next video, two police officers can be seen gesticulating for Johnny to stop, which he does.

When Johnny reached the other half of the room, he shrugged and smiled as he joined his teammates on one side of the room. Amber was spotted gazing about and keeping a respectful distance from the group. Afterwards, the female police officer escorted her away from the scene. As Amber and her squad exited, Johnny and his team followed suit.

“It makes me sad that a relationship can come to an end with both parties disliking each other that much,” one person remarked in the comments section. In another message, someone made reference to Johnny’s well-known role from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series and commented, “Easy jack sparrow, you scared the woman.” In the film, Johnny played the pirate Jack Sparrow.

Following the couple’s marriage, Amber broke down in tears on the witness stand, claiming Johnny sexually attacked her with a liquor bottle and threatened her life shortly after the couple became husband and wife. Amber revealed that she visited Johnny in Australia around a month after the couple’s wedding in early 2015, according to testimony in a widely publicised defamation trial.

Johnny is suing Amber for $50 million, claiming that she defamed him by claiming she was a victim of domestic abuse. Amber has not responded to Johnny’s lawsuit. Amber claims that Johnny slandered her by referring to her as a liar, and she has counter-sued for $100 million.

Amber’s legal lawsuit is predicated on an opinion post she published in the Washington Post in December 2018. Although Johnny’s name was not included in the article, his attorney told jurors that it was evident that Amber was referring to him. The couple’s divorce was finalised in 2017, less than two years after they were first married.

Written by Andrew Jones

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