In the midst of excruciating postpartum discomfort, Kylie Jenner claims she is on a “quest to get strong again.”

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Kylie Jenner has been putting in a lot of effort to get back to her pre-baby body after experiencing postpartum fatigue for the first four months after the birth of her second kid earlier this year. Jenner, who has been posting videos of herself doing out on Instagram, opened out about suffering with discomfort during the same in her recent post. Kylie and Travis Scott had their son in February of 2022.

In one of her Instagram stories, Kylie showed herself working out and posted a video of herself taking a selfie with the phrase “No off days.” She also eventually deleted another piece in which she spoke up about her postpartum experience four months after giving birth and wrote, “4 months postpartum. I have been battling with a lot of back and knee problems this time, which causes my workouts to slow down, but I am determined to get strong again. In the video that she uploaded, the beauty industry tycoon could be seen working out on a treadmill.

Jenner has discussed her postpartum experience in the past, so this is not the first time she has done so. Earlier in March, six weeks after giving child, Kylie got honest about her feelings on social media. She informed her followers that she had been battling “mentally, physically, [and] spiritually” since she had given birth. Jenner shared that she felt it was important for other new mothers to know that there was absolutely no pressure for them to get back to their normal life as soon as they gave birth to their children.

There are no images of Kylie and Travis’s son that have been posted to social media at this time. The name that will be given to the couple’s second kid has not been disclosed as of yet. The couple also shares parental responsibilities for their daughter, Stormi Webster, whom they welcomed in the year 2018.

Written by Andrew Jones

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