Milwaukee Bucks Fans Have Got a Gift from the Rapper Romey

Hiphop has been making waves around the world for the past two decades. Many fans believe that some of these Hip-hop tracks have changed their lives, and they feel duly inspired to move into action! One such inspiring artist is Romey, whose single #FearTheDeer is gaining popularity at major streaming sites.

Romey, Milwaukee Bucks superfan and entrepreneur said that he’s had the song “Fear the Deer” on his mind for a while now. Not only did he want to dedicate it to the team and their fans but also make it an anthem for the championship season ahead. He’s very excited about this track, and so are all of his fellow Bucks fans!

“I’m on a Journey,” is what Milwaukee rapper Romey recently said in honor of Milwaukee being his number one inspiration throughout his career. The fact that he grew up in Madison makes it even better because they were able to inspire him with their basketball talents and skills. When the Milwaukee Bucks beat all other odds to be National Basketball Association champions last year, he had been wanting to make this track for them ever since.

This legend of the Madison hip-hop scene is well respected by all who know him, and he still goes down as one of the best. He has a passion for music that he has been chasing since childhood. When not working on his craft, he’s accustomed to staying busy with other endeavors — including starting businesses. His positive attitude helps remind him this isn’t a race and that each day is better than the last!

If you’ve listened to “Fear the Dee”r by Romey, you’ll know his style. He’s been dedicated to his craft for several years—he used to have a recording studio where people notably called him The Midwest King. He was a hip-hop prodigy and now that he’s blessed us with his new single “Fear the Deer”, we hope to hear more from him. He’s way different from other music artists because he is both a visionary and executor of his artistic vision, someone who is also a perfect blend of a businessman and artist due to how he has built two successful businesses Echelan and GR Credit Solutions. 

You can listen to this new power-packed championship anthem here on Spotify 

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Written by Andrew Jones

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