New Grunge Supergroup Featuring Members of Soundgarden and Nirvana Drops Debut LP

Third Secret is the product of a collaboration between Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil, Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, and Soundgarden and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron. The new ensemble also includes Bubba Dupree, guitarist for the groundbreaking D.C. hardcore band Void, as well as vocalists Jennifer Johnson and Jillian Raye, who are also members of Novoselic’s other band, Giants in the Trees, and bassist Chris Smith.

3rd Secret stunned fans by releasing their self-titled first album on Monday night. The album was mostly recorded and produced by Jack Endino, a legendary grunge producer from the 1990s. A recent secret gig at Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture, which Cameron documented with an Instagram snap, was another highlight of the band’s recent activities.

According to NME, Novoselic had already hinted about the existence of the album back in February. “I’ve been working very hard to finish a record,” says the person.. We’re in the middle of some issues right now, but we’re shooting for a mid-March release,” the Nirvana bassist wrote in a since-deleted tweet. but it’s classified, so don’t tell anyone!” he says.

Thayil also hinted in a video interview conducted earlier this month that he will most likely reconnect with his former comrades in some manner. “I think the three of us (Cameron, Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd, and himself) are interested in trying new things,” he stated of the group. “It’s obvious that we have a good time working together.”

However, the album’s initial release, which is presently only available through internet streaming providers, was not without its setbacks. An notification released to the band’s website shortly after the album’s release stated, “Reports arriving over the 3rd Secret hotline indicate that the album is still not available on Apple Music.” Thank you for your patience. Saturday night, the work was released. It will be a while before it can be streamed by other people.

Written by john smith

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