Getting to know music artist RayWil

What’s Your Name & Where Are You From?
Jaray Marquez Wilson aka RayWil is from Sumter, South Carolina.

Why Do You Love Music?
I love music because it’s therapy to me. Putting my feelings from a pen and paper and transferring it to a beat is a work of art that i love to hear. Music runs deep in my family on my father’s side. I have family that raps, sings, play instruments & even write poetry. I first got into music when I turned 13 but didn’t start taking it serious until i turned 19. It was then when i fell in love with music because of the feed back i first received. The first time i ever performed in my city is the main reason why I keep going hard with my music. That first time on stage just felt like I was born to do this. Music isn’t just something that i do, It’s something that is and will forever remain in my heart. 

What Makes You Different As A Music Artist? 
My unique versatility is what makes me a different kind of artist. I can go from trap, to RnB music & to everyday life music, such as the struggle, to equality and anxiety & depression. I have even done a song for a poultry business called “Pilgrims Pride” which i did with ease. That specific song itself shows my versatility as a music artist. I usually try to relate to everyday life situations. That’s what makes people tap into my music. 

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?
In 5 years i see myself signing other artist from small cities that aren’t popular like mine. I want to give back to those that really need it. In 5 years i see myself owning multiple businesses to expand my wealth & create generational wealth on down the line. In 5 years I can see me, my family and my loved ones on a tour bus, popping bottles and enjoying the life we should live. 

What Do You Want To Accomplish In Life?
I want to be able to create generational wealth. I want to able to make my loved ones lives easier. I want to accomplish wealth and have everyone around me including myself not having to work a 9 to 5.  I want to accomplish having platinum plaques for my songs in the near future. I may come from a small city but my dreams don’t stop here, i have a big city mindset. Also i want to develop more as an artist, there’s always room to grow. One day i want to have that accomplishment on being on top billboard charts for my music.  

What Do You Bring To The Music World?
I bring the passion & the hype! I know how to paint a picture with my music. Something you can close your eyes to and feel every word that I’m speaking. I’m versatile so I can do it all, it doesn’t matter what the topic or subject is. I bring the confidence behind my craft. No matter how long this takes i will be successful.

What Do You Want To Be Remembered By?
I want to be remembered by putting my people in position to eat. Taking care of those who took care of me at my lowest. I want to be remembered by giving back to my community, a legend in my community. I want to be remembered by one of the first people to make it out of my city and opening doors for other artist to show people world wide that Sumter, South Carolina has pure talent 

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Instagram: @_raywil
Twitter: @headbussa_cvsb
Facebook: RayRay Wilson

Written by Sonam Singh

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