Review of Bullet Train: Brad Pitt can’t stop this action movie from going off the rails

Brad Pitt

Since Deadpool 2 director David Leitch made Bullet Train, it feels like a follow-up to that movie. Bullet Train is a comedy with a lot of strange and funny things happening all the time. Both have interesting main characters. The plot of Bullet Train is weak. It doesn’t make sense and doesn’t make a good case. In the end, this train wreck isn’t too bad because it has a great cast.

Five assassins are riding the Bullet Train from Tokyo to Kyoto when they realise that their missions may be linked and that someone is pulling their strings for a bigger game. Ladybug is a hustler who is down on his luck, and Brad Pitt plays him. Lemon and Tangerine, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry, carry the Yakuza kingpin’s son. Joey King plays Prince, a teen who looks innocent but is very dangerous. Hiroyuki Sanada, Andrew Koji, Michael Shannon, and Zazie Beetz all have great voices. It’s a thick, messy drink.

Bullet Train has a cast full of big names. Brad Pitt does a great job as the unfortunate man. The script shows his bad luck in a beautiful way. Joey King is a perfect person. Both of them are great. The best thing about The Twins is how well they get along. The film comes to life when the characters fight, work together, and get along. But Michael Shannon was not used well in the movie. A one-dimensional figure, he did little.

Bullet Train only puts on good shows. It’s sad to look at other departments. Too many things happen at once in the story. A strict editor would have kept everything in order, but that’s not what happened here. It makes no sense. A movie with a main character named Ladybug and an enemy named White Death could use some common sense. Even though people are dying, blood is leaking, and snakes are getting out, the train crew keeps working. After all this, they must be the most hardworking people in the world. Irrational.

There have also been claims that the news was skewed. The first version of the book was written in Japanese, which makes sense. Japanese is spoken by only one main character. It’s the one that we see less of. The people who run movie studios need to wake up. When Money Heist and Squid Game are the most-watched online series around the world, you don’t need American and British faces and names in a local plot. Scarlett Johansson was bad enough in Ghost in the Shell. Today, it’s because people don’t want to see how things have changed.

The movie is worth seeing? What you want will decide. This weekend, go see a dumb action movie. You are entertained by Brad Pitt, action, and funny one-liners. Plus cameos. Half of the actors and actresses in Hollywood have five-second roles. When I want to know how good a movie is, I look for a cameo. Not the jaw-dropping action scenes or million-dollar special effects, but one of these quick appearances got the most cheers in my theatre. Sobering, huh?

Written by Andrew Jones

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