Hasim Rahman Jr.’s weight controversy caused the Jake Paul fight to be called off.

Hasim Rahman
Hasim Rahman

Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions says that the August 6 pay-per-view boxing match between Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr. has been cancelled because Rahman is too heavy. The event took place at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Rahman’s team told Paul’s team early Saturday morning that he planned to weigh 215 pounds on Friday. Paul was willing to make changes to fight at 205 pounds, even though Rahman’s contract was for 200 pounds. Rahman’s team said that if the weight class was changed from 215 pounds, their fighter would quit.

The statement says, “MVP and Jake Paul will not give an award to someone who has acted dishonestly and on purpose.” MVP and Jake Paul will not give him anything. MVP has to call off the event on August 6. This planned result affects Jake Paul, Amanda Serrano, and every other fighter on the card who trained for months. Hasim Rahman Jr. doesn’t act like a professional, and this needs to be fixed.

In the co-main event, Serrano fought Brenda Carabajal.

In an Instagram video posted early Sunday morning, Rahman said that he signed the 200-pound contract in July. His body “won’t let me do it,” which means he won’t meet the weight requirements. Rahman was surprised that Paul’s team cancelled the fight instead of giving him more time to lose weight. He told Paul he would fight him for $5,000 because “I was sure I could knock him out.” Paul accepted.

Paul said Rahman won because he was bigger in 2020, but Rahman said he beat Paul. Paul wants Rahman to be a “shell” in the ring, according to Rahman.

Rahman asked, “If you beat me at 230 pounds, why not fight me at 215 pounds?” “Why can’t we fight at level 210? Obviously, they are not fighting. I’m not giving up.”

When Tommy Fury dropped out because he couldn’t get there, Paul and Rahman got into a fight.

MVP said Rahman signed a deal to fight on July 6 at 200 pounds. Rahman showed MVP and the NYSAC proof of his weight, which meant he wouldn’t lose more than 10% before the fight. Rahman fought in April of last year at 224 pounds, but now he weighs 269 pounds.

MVP says that on July 7, Rahman weighed 216 pounds and was on track to make the weight. Rahman was said to be on the right path. Rahman and his father, Hasim, both told ESPN in the past few weeks that they would have no trouble making the weight limit.

MVP said Rahman showed a signed statement from a nutritionist that said his weight was getting better. This followed the rules for the NYSAC’s weekly weight check.

MVP said in a 48-hour statement that these promises were not made in good faith.

MVP said that NYSAC measured Rahman on Friday. The announcement said that Rahman had lost less than 1 pound since he signed up for the fight. MVP says that if Paul weighs less than 205 pounds, the commission won’t let the fight happen. MVP says Rahman’s club was given a new contract with strict penalties if he didn’t make the weight. Rahman would get in trouble if he didn’t make the weight.

On Saturday night, we asked the NYSAC for a comment, but we didn’t hear back right away.

Written by Andrew Jones

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