Ricky Martin responds to rumours that he had a “sexual or romantic relationship” with his nephew, which he calls “disgusting.”

Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin’s lawyer sent out a statement in which he denied the claims that he had been seeing his nephew for several months and called the claims “disgusting.” Many reports from Puerto Rico said that Martin and his nephew had been having an extramarital relationship for seven months.

In a statement that was used by Entertainment Tonight, Martin’s lawyer said, “The person who said this has serious mental health problems, which is a shame. Ricky Martin has never had a romantic or sexual relationship with his nephew, and he would never do so. The idea is not only wrong, but it’s also gross.” The nephew says that after he broke up with Martin, he started getting hurt both physically and mentally.

A Puerto Rican judge put a restraining order on the singer earlier this month because of a complaint of domestic abuse. No one knows who asked for Martin to be stopped from doing something. The singer’s representatives had already denied the claims about the restraining order, and the singer himself had posted a comment on social media about the matter.

Ricky Martin has been in the news for another important dispute. His former manager, Rebecca Drucker, sued him for $3 million, saying that he owes her more than $3 million in unpaid commission. Drucker is said to have said that she once kept the singer from getting into a scandal that would have ended her career.

Written by Andrew Jones

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