Willie C. Ruffin Jr, aka CashMob YP, explains how musical artists can stay unique in the industry.

His unique sound and quirky tracks are among the many reasons that have helped him stay distinctive in the industry.

Creating one’s special place in any industry is never a cakewalk. Some individuals even take years to build their presence and create the success they desire in their chosen niches. However, a few others believe in only focusing on honing their skills and talents and constantly learning new things each day to implement the same in their work and gradually climb the ladder to success. Willie C. Ruffin Jr, most popularly known as CashMob YP, serves as one of the best examples of individuals from the latter category who has shaken the American music scene with his unique sound and talents as a rising HipHop/R&B Recording Artist from Meridian, Mississippi, the US.

Throwing light on how musical artists can stay unique in the industry, CashMob YP explains – 

• Know yourself: To create something different, first, it is essential for them to know themselves, who they are, what they desire and how they want their music to touch their audiences. Music is an outward expression, only making catchy tunes doesn’t help; one has to create something from the heart that could show how unique they are for their unique life story and the varied experiences they faced.

• Know the ‘why’: To stand apart from the crowd, musical artists must know and understand the ‘why’ behind creating what they create. This will help them reach their audience better and make their resolve stronger. It will also help them communicate from the inside through their tracks.

• Be consistent: After understanding who they are really and knowing their ‘why’ of creating music or singing, it is important for musical artists to be consistent on their journey. Consistently coming up with new tracks will help them to engage more with their audiences, creating a loyal base of fans and followers, which will help them stay unique.

Being interesting and giving people the ‘feels’ is what music is all about today. CashMob YP has been giving his all to make sure his songs stand out from the rest for his unique sound exuding his passion for the genre and his pure love for music, which also radiates a lot of pain that he has been through in life. The results are his hit songs No Comin Bacc and BaCC in Blood Remix that were released this year that earned immense recognition and success, and his favourite track, “We The Mob”, produced by NFL BigBoyy, also earned maximum success.

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Written by Manish Singh

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